Monday, April 14, 2014

Breaking Bad Frozen

What if Disney had made Breaking Bad?

It might have looked something like this . . .

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer

This is either the best "save the date" wedding announcement we've ever seen, or the biggest waste of money of all time.

Your call.

Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.

Here's more from the Vimeo description:
From the very first call that we received from Bambo and Janice we totally clicked!!! They both had so many ideas about a video that they wanted to do. The most important thing was they wanted it to be different than every other “Save the Date” that anyone has ever seen. They were so open to ideas and excited about creating something that seemed impossible… Some things that we thought about when coming up with the plan: They love Jay-Z. They love the trailer for The Great Gatsby. They have huge parties every year that they are know for throwing amongst their friends. They love to surprise people. They are more willing than most people that we know to step outside of their comfort zone in order to be creative!!! Our keyword for this project was EPIC. For the majority of the shooting it was just a crew of two.. Husband and wife team, Chris and Jennifer Mae. For the Club Scene. Jennifer Mae and Chris were able to shoot at Monroe in San Francisco. This was shot with the RED EPIC In addition, our team included two assistants working on wardrobe and details and our dear friend Luke took behind the scenes photos… We also had many extras who worked and had a great time in creating the party scene at Monroe. In the helicopter, Christine and Jennifer Mae shot with the Red Epic and the Canon MKIII. For the driving shots We used the Canon MKIII. Janice and Bambo were incredibly dedicated and made it so much fun to create such a unique project together. Through the process we became great friends! We LOVE them! Although the Save the Date is intended to be larger than life, these two in real life are extremely down to earth, and two of the kindest, most thoughtful and dedicated individuals that we know. Together they make an amazing team! Bambo and Janice wanted to create an experience for their guests leading up to their event. Having been through the process myself as a bride and shooting hundreds of weddings, I know how difficult it is to do something different than everyone else. So, when they said they wanted to do something that would allow for such creativity, we were all in and wanted to make it as Epic as possible. It is so wonderful to create alongside such an amazing couple, who is as excited about the experience for their guests, as they are to be getting married to one another! We have seen hundreds of couples from all walks of life and all budgets. But not many compare to their commitment to one another. We are so excited about their Epic Wedding!!! In the meantime, enjoy their Epic Wedding Save the Date.

Black Herbal Toothpaste

A very, very strange ad for Thai Herbal Toothpaste that you just have to see to believe. And even then, you won't believe it.

Or really even understand it.

But just think, someone at an ad agency in Thailand got paid to come up with it and actually got it approved by the client.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Piss Off Your State Farm Agent

My #1 new favorite video.

It might just become your's too.

Here's more from the YouTube description:
We've all seen those State Farm commercials where an insurance agent is instantly summoned whenever somebody sings the State Farm jingle. ...But once in a while you get the State Farm agent at a bad time. For more, visit my website at ! With Stephen Fabro, Andrew Wilson, Maggie Crowe, Carlos Avelar, and Rachel Fabro.
Warning: Some slightly not safe for work language.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Calculus II Summer Course Trailer

That's one way to make calculus interesting. It's the Calculus II Summer Course is being offered at Centennial College May 26 - Jun 26.

Still time to sign up!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Girl's Hair Catches Fire From Cake

Wow, that could have turned out a whole lot worse.

Long hair + tall candles = NOT a good idea.

2014 Summer Movie Round Up by Red Letter Media

What can we expect for new movies in the Summer of 2014? Looks like sequels, lots of sequels.

WARNING: Some not safe for work language